International POCUS Academy (IPA) is a scientific body within the International POCUS Organization. This body consists of IPO members who hold PhD. President of IPO serves as the president of IPA. IPA will issue "PhD by portfolio/published works" to those members who fulfill following requirements:

  1. Medical degree (MD) or M.Ed. active in ultrasound education
  2. At least 4 years holding this degree
  3. At least 4 years writing and publishing works related to medical diagnostic ultrasound
  4. At least 100 hours active ultrasound teaching per year, over the past 3 years.
  5. Published works must be peer reviewed and have a value of at least 100 points, according to following method:
    • Printed books on ultrasound medical diagnostics - 30 points
    • PDF books on ultrasound published online - 20 points
    • Research papers, scientific papers and case studies in printed medical journals - 15 points
    • Research papers, scientific papers and case studies in online medical journals - 10 points

If you think your portfolio and published works suffice IPA requirements, please contact us for price, and more details about the evaluation and certification procedure.

Academy board members at the moment are:

1. Dr. Gedeon Gelin, PhD, Haiti
2. Dr. Ivica Zdravković, PhD, Serbia
3. Dr. Vsevolod Lykhin, PhD, Russia
4. Dr. Jon Wilton, PhD, USA