(A Nonprofit Corporation)


Section 1.1. Name.

The name of this corporation is INTERNATIONAL POCUS (Point-Of-Care-Ultra-Sound) ORGANIZATION (hereinafter called “IPO”), a nonprofit corporation.


Section 2.1. The purpose.

The purpose of IPO is to continually advance the safety and quality of Point-Of-Care-Ultra-Sound. This shall be accomplished by

  1. setting global standards for POCUS curriculum in primary healthcare (including general practice, family medicine and emergency medicine)
  2. provide international certification for those medical professionals who cannot acquire separate POCUS certification in their countries
  3. provide online training and instruction, as well as multiple resources for POCUS education (e-books, guidelines, webinars, video clips, etc.)
  4. enable exchange of experiences between POCUS practitioners and instructors/specialists
  5. create IPO Register of recognized POCUS instructors and certified specialists


Section 3.1. Business Office.

IPO may have such business offices at the seat of President of IPO, selected by Executive Board


Section 4.1. Members.

PO shall have members and such members shall be divided into the following classes of membership: POCUS specialists (active IPO recodnized sonographers), POCUS instructors (IPO licensed Education providers), POCUS practitioners (ie. GP physitians who use only one or two POCUS modes in their regularly practice, or specialist like cardiologists, gynecologists, endocrynologists, anesthesyologists and other specialties who use ultrasound on a daily basis), and Honorary Members. The Board reserves the right to reject any membership application that it deems not in keeping with the mission and values of IPO. The criteria for membership in each such class of membership are set forth below:

  1. POCUS specialists. The POCUS specialist class shall be comprised of those echosonographists who meet the requirements described in Section 4.2 of these Bylaws,
  2. POCUS instructors. The POCUS instructors class shall be comprised of those POCUS specialist who meet the requirements described in Section 4.2 of these Bylaws,
  3. POCUS practitioners. The POCUS practitioners class shall be comprised of those medical workers (physitians or echosonographers) who send suffitient proof of their daily use of ultrasound diagnostics (including those certified in single POCUS fields and protocols)
  4. Honorary Members. The Executive Board may award Honorary membership to any individual who has made outstanding contributions to the field POCUS

Section 4.2. Application for Membership.

An individual desiring membership in IPO shall submit written application with a short CV to the Secretary or President of IPO. Application and CV must contain veryfiable data, if possibly photos, links, email adressess of peers, etc.

Section 4.3. Certificates.

All members will receive their Membrship Certificates in a PDF form, signed and sealed by the President or Executive Board members. Original cerificates will be sent to those members who pay printing ad shipping costs uppon special written request.

Section 4.4. Voting Rights

All members of IPO shall have the right to a single vote during major meetings (at least one IPO Congress every three years)

Section 4.5. Termination of Membership.

The membership shall be automatically terminated by affirmative vote of majority of all of the members of the Executive Board, if the member conducts contrary to the mission or values promoted by IPO or otherwise damages or brings discredit upon the reputation and image of IPO within the professional medical community.


Section 5.1. Regular Meetings.

Regular meetings of the members shall be held at such times and places as the Executive Board may determine- at least one IPO Congress every three years.

Section 5.2. Executive Board Meetings.

Executive Board meetings may be called at any time by the President, secretary or at least two Executive Board members. This will be done through email request sent to all members of Executive Board. Meetings will be held as an online meeting by electronic (internet) means, or directy in previousy set location, approved by the majority of Executive Board members.

Section 5.3. Quorum.

Executive Board will have the right of decission when at least two thirds of all members participate on a meeting. All decissions will be made by simple majority of present members.


Section 6.1. General Powers.

The affairs of IPO shall be managed by its Executive Board.

Section 6.2. Number and Qualifications.

The number of Executive Board shall be five (5) or seven (7), as shall be fixed from time to time by on IPO Congress. Membership of Executive Board shall represent all continents or regions covered by IPO members.

Section 6.3. Composition.

The Executive Board shall be comprised of the following: o President of IPO; o Secretary of IPO; o Three (3) or five (5) directors-at-large.

Section 6.4. Election.

Elections of Executive Board shall take place on IPO Congress every three years. Prior the Congress Executive Board shall act as a nominating committee with responsibility to identify and consider suitable candidates for the future Executive Board members. Nomination for Executive Board member may be sent by an IPO member via email to the Presidend or secretary of IPO, not less than ten (10) nor more than sixty (60) days prior to the date of IPO Congress. Members of Executive Board may be re-elected for same positions on IPO Congress.

Section 6.5. Compensation.

Executive Board members shall not receive any compensation for their services

Section 6.6. Removal of Executive Board Members.

Any Executive Board member may be removed from such position, with or without cause, by the affirmative vote of not less than two-thirds of the Executive Board. In case the President or Secretary of IPO are removed, fallen ill, died, etc, remaining Executive Board members will take over all responsibilities untill the next IPO Congress. If for previous reasons Executive Board cannot provide necessary quorum for its meetings, an immediate IPO Congress shall be called.


The corporate seal of IPO shall be in the form of a circle and shall have inscribed thereon the name of IPO and the logo of IPO. Seal will be in possetion of acting President or secretary.


These Bylaws may be altered, amended or repealed and new Bylaws may be adopted by a majority of all of the members of the IPO Executive Board.